Yamaha Transom Mount Transducer Bracket – LH


Yamaha Transom Mount Transducer BracketĀ  #TMTB


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This bracket allows mounting of transom mount transducers onto the transom of a Waverunner jet ski without drilling holes into your hull.
Simply mounts behind the boarding step via the 2x 8mm bolts, simply remove the 2 bolts, slide the transducer plate into position and reinstall the 2 bolts.

Transducer placement is key to fish finder performance, this bracket allows 3 forms of adjustment to find the perfect mounting position on your hull.

-LH or RH side available

-adjustment in the slotted main 8mm bolt holes, raise or lower the bracket

-adjustment in the slotted transducer 6mm holes

– 5x 6mm slots to allow left and right adjustment

Made from marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Fits any Waverunner models with the 2 bolt boarding step mount