CTEK Comfort Indicator Panel


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The CTEK Comfort Indicator Panel allows permanant placement of a small unit which shows battery charge level and has the CTEK battery charger plug in point.  A great solution for all jetski owners who need to top-up their battery regularly.

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* Small black panel which fits almost anywhere you choose for easy access.

* No need to keep fussing with your battery terminals to charge your battery any more!

* Simple traffic light system to indicate battery charge

    – RED = less than 60% charge – charge battery now

    – ORANGE = between 60-80% charge – caution – monitor and charge soon

    – GREEN = more than 80% charge – optimum state of charge



The CTEK Comfort Indicator Panel required placement somewhere easily accessible on your jetski, ie. the glove box compartment, which will require a small hole to be drilled to allow the wires to go through and down to the battery.  The terminal eyelets are simply placed under the battery terminals and it is ready.



* Suited for all CTEK 12V chargers with the ‘Comfort Connector’

* 1.5 m cable from panel to battery eyelets

* Eyelets – 8.4mm

* Lights use very minimal voltage to display and will not drain your battery

* For accurate indication wait 30 minutes after battery use



Notify me when the item is back in stock.