Yamaha SOLAS Impeller


Yamaha SOLAS Impeller #YV-TP-12/20

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Twin prop impeller for Yamaha models gives you the ultimate performance. With added acceleration and gains in top speed performance. Great for racing, towing wake boarders and tubes and flyboard. Comes with billet nose cone.

To suit FX SVHO, FX Cruiser SVHO 2014 -up. FZR 14-up, FZS 14-up.

2014-2015 FZR
2014-2015 FZS
2014-2015 FX SHO
2014-2015 SHO Cruiser

Stock Engine: No modification made to the Engine.
Limited Engine: Little modification limited to bolt-on items with slight horsepower increase.
Modified Engine: Modifications including bolt-on items and internal changes, increasing horsepower considerably.