Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI WORX Ride Plate


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Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI WORX Ride Plate #WR307

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Kawasaki 750 SX/SXI WORX Ride Plate #WR307

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This plate is similar to the WR305 for the Superjet in that it replaces the earlier WR303. With the change in IJSBA racing rules several years ago we were able to make a new longer ride plate but unlike most companies that just extended their existing ride plates we took the opportunity to totally redesign the plate. Yes it is longer it also incorporates the now famous “D” cut-out which helps in several ways. Firstly it has a bevelled leading edge on the “D” cut-out that picks up water when the bow of the boat starts to lift under hard acceleration or in rough water, this helps to hold the boat flatter and give you a lot better drive and control. The second major benefit from the “D” cut-out is that it picks up water when you push then boat hard into turns and gives it a lot more stability and less tendency to slide out. The extra length obviously holds the boat a lot flatter also and with the hard chine lines on the edges of the plate makes it a lot easier to carve those really tight turns in complete control. The SX and SXI have always had the porposing problem especially with heavier riders, this plate solves that problem.

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