Tubbie Destroyer Sponsons – SXR & HSR


These front mounted ‘sponsons’ improve the handling and corner hook up making you more confident in the turns at speed.  Often the first performance part added to a ski.

SKU: 02-01-010/02-01-015

Available by special order (approx 10-25 days). Price may vary depending on current exchange rate. Email us for a price & availability request  sales@jetskijunk.co.nz 


Built and shaped specific to the unique hull shape of the SXR and Hydrospace, the Tubbie Race Destroyer for the SXR and HS is fully removable with an average 10 minute per side install! Interested in wanting to experience the Tubbie handling improvements but a little nervous about screwing and gluing into your beautiful machine? Composite backed, the Destroyers do not use screws for installation. Three(3) machined billet and stainless couplings per side are included with each set of Destroyer sponsons- and that is all that is required for hardware install! This is the ultimate in customized front sponson set ups and allows the rider to adapt to different riding conditions and test with ease. Designed exclusively for the Kawasaki SXR/Hydrospace hull shape, these sponsons put to bed and DESTROY the lame copy cat front sponson posers out there.

There have been only a few inherent problems with racing the Kawasaki SXR and S4 from Hydrospace. The challenge has been keeping the ski hooked up in the turns, and keeping the nose from submerging. Very small complaints against an incredibly well designed bottom hull design. With this Blowsion patented two-plane Tubbie technology we have slimmed, trimmed and re-defined the Tubbie two-plane shape specifically to accommodate the already WIDE footprint these hulls have. This allows the hull to sit slightly deeper in the water, while still giving the ski the well known benefits of the Tubbies aggressive turning, hook up and bow buoyancy. This, all without creating too much floatation and side to side instability at mid speeds. We have found with the addition of the Tubbie Destroyers the ski is much less fatiguing to the racer as it becomes easier to maneuver around the course on long motos. Like all the Tubbie models offered by Blowsion, the Destroyer for the SXR and Hydrospace is a win-win benefit to any rider or ski. Constructed specifically with the aggressive racer in mind. Each set available in white gel coat and includes detailed installation instructions and all stainless and billet aluminum hardware. IJSBA Race Legal. Patent Pending # 60/509.114.

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