CTEK Auto Battery Charger Kit


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This CTEK Battery Charger is a good system to keep your jetski battery in optimum health, avoiding costly replacements each year.

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* Automatic - plug in and walk away!

* Patented 6-step charging process to extend battery life

* For 12V batteries - ideal for all jetski batteries

* Kit includes, Charger, 2 types of terminal connections: traditional alligator clips & the permanant terminal connection.

* 2 types of upgrades available for battery indictor systems (see accessories tab)



* XS 0.8A

* 12 Volt

* 5 year warranty

* CTEK 6 charging steps

   - 1. Desulphation

   - 2. Bulk

   - 3. Absorption (ready to use)

   - 4. Analyse

   - 5. Float (fully charged)

   - 6. Pulse (maintenance charging)

* Input Voltage 220-240VAC

* Charging Voltage 14.4 VDC

* Charging Current  0.8A max



This charger is an essential part of your jetski 'tool kit' if you are not going to ride through winter.  Batteries slowly discharge - some within a few weeks - and sulfation damage will occcur and battery replacement will be required next time you want to use your jetski.


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