CTEK Battery Status Indicator Eyelet M8


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The CTEK Comfor Indicator Eyelet is an inexpensive way to quickly assess the state of your battery charge.  It also doubles as a plug for all 12V CTEK chargers with comfort connections.

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* Easy install - just fit eyelets under battery terminals

* Easy 3 light traffic system indicates battery state of charge:

     - RED = less than 60% charge - charge battery now

    - ORANGE = between 60-80% charge - caution - monitor and charge soon

    - GREEN = more than 80% charge - optimum state of charge

* Plug connection suits all CTEK 12v chargers with comfort plug connection - plug in to charge - no more fussing with terminals!  ** The CTEK battery charger is not required for operation of this Eyelet.

* An ideal, low cost option for battery maintenance.



This Indicator is designed to be fitted to the battery terminal by the eyelets and leave permanantly attached.



* Suited for all CTEK 12V chargers with the 'Comfort Connector' if you want to use the charging plug.

* 0.55 m cable from indicator to battery eyelets

* Eyelets - 8.4mm

* Lights use very minimal voltage to display and will not drain your battery

* For accurate indication wait 30 minutes after battery use

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