Yamaha 701 0.5mm Oversize ProX Piston Kit


Pro-X Piston Kit to suit all Yamaha 701cc engines with 0.5 mm over sized cylinders.

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Yamaha 701 0.5mm Oversize ProX Piston Kit

81.50mm Oversize

Pro-X Piston Kit’s come complete with a set of rings, clips and gudgeon pin.  Pricing is per kit, ie. 1 piston.

** TECHNICAL TIP:  Have your cylinders bored and honed by a professional with the correct equipment.  It is standard procedure to order the correct oversize pistons required and take the pistons in to have the cylinders bored to match the piston with correct clearance.


Pro-X Piston Kits are manufactured in Japan and are designed to be an O.E.M. replacement.  The aluminum alloy used in the manufacturing of Pro-X pistons maintains or exceeds the factory specifications.