Kawasaki Ultra 150/STX-R Front Engine Mount


Kawasaki Ultra 150/STX-R Front Engine Mount #57-1144

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Kawasaki Ultra 150/STX-R Front Engine Mount #57-1144

Monkey Grip Motor Mounts are designed to exceed all performance levels of OEM mounts.


Kawasaki Ultra 150

Kawasaki STX-R 1200

Use engine mount # 57-1143 for side mounts.  It is generally recommended that all engine mounts be replaced at the same time.

Monkey Grip Motor Mounts make a large range of motor mounts designed specifically for heavy duty watercraft applications.  They are designed to be stronger than OEM mounts, yet able to dampen and isolate vibration far better than performance mounts currently available.  This combination of durability and performance make Monkey Grip the right choice.

Genuine OEM engine mounts also available by special order.  Request current price and availability by emailing info@jetskijunk.co.nz

Product image is for illustration purposes only and actual mount varies slightly in shape.  If you have any concerns about your model and engine mount requirements, please email us for technical assistance.