Sea-Doo GTI* Hydro-Turf Mat Kit – NON PSA


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Hydro-Turf mat kit to replace the factory mats on your GTI 130 (2006-2010*) and GTI SE 155 (2006-2009) which will improve the look and add traction for those high speed manoeuvres.  This kit is self adhesive.

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Colour:  Black

Adhesive:  buy separately 

Image is for illustration purposes only and may differ.  The actual kit replaces all factory mats in identical shape.

Hydroturf kits are resistant to damage and staining.



Sea-Doo GTI 130 2006-2010 (early 4 stroke shape hulls – includes some 2011 NZ models)

Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 2006-2009 (early 4 stroke shape hull)



Remove your old mats completely including as much residue glue so there are no lumps.  Lay the new mat/s in position without removing the backing paper and stick paper tape around the outside to mark the edge for accurate & straight placement.  Remove the backing paper to expose the sticky backing and use your tape guides to place the new mat down.  Apply pressure and allow the glue to cure for 24 hours before using your ski.  Easy!


Hydro-Turf mat kits are available in most styles without self adhesive backing and glue can be used.  Costs are slightly cheaper for non-adhesive kits.