Hydro-Turf Mat Kit - Yamaha FX HO 2002-2011 Molded Diamond


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Hydro-Turf mat kit to replace the factory mats on your Yamaha FXHO (2002-2009) which will make your jet ski look like new again.  Self adhesive kit. Molded Diamond

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$ 189.95

Colour:  Black

Adhesive:  3M self adhesive kit

 Molded Diamond

Image is for illustration purposes only and may differ slightly.  The actual kit replaces all factory mats.


Replace your factory mats with superior grooved mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in all Hydro-Turf colors and groove patterns. Provides traction and a new look.



Remove your old mats completely including as much residue glue so there are no lumps.  Lay the new mat/s down and stick paper tape around the outside to mark the edge.  Use the tape as guides and place the mat down.  Allow the glue to cure for 24 hours min before using your ski.  Easy!


Hydro-Turf mat kits are also available in plain self-glue option.  Costs are slightly cheaper but application can be harder.

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