Yamaha SuperJet 96+ Engine Keepers


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Yamaha SuperJet 96+ Engine Keepers - Tired of expensive and excessive motor mount failure in your SJ? Kenney Keepers retain the engine in place, while still allowing normal-use movement of factory or aftermarket engine mounts. Keeps drive couplers from seperating and shearing.

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Designed in conjunction (and required) by Blowsion Pro Freerider Joe Kenney, our “Kenney Keepers” are a must have for any hardcore surf or flat-water invert artist riding a Yamaha Super Jet.

Each set contains a left and right side front mount retainer and extended stainless hardware for install.

Our unique close tolerance design retains the front, “top heavy” weight of the engine block from being flexed or thrown forward during flat out maneuvers, or inverts.

Since this is a common occurrence even in flat water racing action, we have also found them to be excellent insurance against ever having to replace those expensive engine mounts again.


COLOR: Anodized Blue- Each kit includes left and right contoured brackets, stainless mounting bolts.


Fits all years Yamaha Super Jet.

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