Yamaha FX/FZ Race Sponsons


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Yamaha FX/FZ Race Sponsons #WR556-I

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$ 399.95

Yamaha FX/FZ Race Sponsons #WR556-I

Designed not just for cutting edge performance but killer style! Same best selling Worx Racing paddle now with billet insert for 4 point adjustment to personalise your watercraft to your own unique riding style! 

Specifically designed for the unique handling characteristics of the Yamaha FX and FZ hulls.

Includes backing rails and all necessary hardware.

Product benefits include:

- Enhanced control, stability and predictability, the ski stays hooked and does not throw you off
- Stops the ski from sinking in the back in tight turns like stock sponsons
- Allows for Greater corner entry speed
- Maximised top speed performance by creating less drag
- Superior straight line stability
- Easy installation to stock mounting points

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