Yamaha SuperJet WORX Ride Plate


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Yamaha SuperJet WORX Ride Plate #WR308

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Oxipay Here II

Yamaha SuperJet WORX Ride Plate #WR308

*** Available by SPECIAL ORDER unless in stock ***

Freestyle and Freeride

WR308 Freestyle SuperJet


- Reduced length allows more control over ski in freestyle maneouvers while helping to keep hooked up during turns where the ski is leaned way over

- Designed by Freestylers for Freestyle

- Widely regarded as the best freestyle plate available for the Superjet

- “D” cut-out with the to keep the boat more stable in those difficult freestyle tricks

- Softer lines to help it slide out when you need it to

- Preferred choice for lighter stand-up riders and racers that find the longer plate difficult to ride in tighter rough race situations


Weight: 2.5 kg
Dimensions: 53 cm × 34 cm × 3 cm
To special order please email sales@jetskijunk.co.nz
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