Yamaha Wet Wolf Pump Cone


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The original Freestyle Cone as used by Blowsion.  This 10 minute install items allows the engine to rev higher for the big tricks.  


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“Designed with the freestyler in mind, the Freestyle pump cone allows the engine to rev faster for the big tricks. Its small size lets a large volume of water move through the pump with less restriction than with the stock tailcone. This gives you more low end thrust for bigger trix!!  Works great with a bored out stock nozzle to help provide even more low end.”

Anodized Blue


Fits: All 144mm and 155mm Yamaha pumps with 60mm bearing carrier; Yamaha Super Jet, WaveBlaster with the OEM pump

(Does not fit 75mm Carrier style like HO, SHO)

Kit includes:

1 Wet Wolf cone (as pictured)

3 6mm stainless steel lock washers

3 stainless steel cap screws

1 o-ring

1 Wet Wolf sticker

1 single page (9 step) set of instructions