Yamaha Power Valve Upgrade Kit


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Yamaha Power Valve Upgrade Kit

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Kit includes 3 clips and 2 couplers.Fits: Yamaha GP1200R, XLT1200, GP1300R Power Valve Motor – 66V/60T.

The oldest style OEM power valves ( -02 )  used in all Yamaha GP800R, GP1200R , XLL1200 and XLT1200 up to mid 2001 had two problems.

First of all there was no solid stop to keep the valve from dropping into the piston. This problem is more common than people think. The only way to tell if this has happened is to remove the covers and measure how far the valve drops down when fully closed. To measure place a straight edge across the cover surface and measure down to the top of the stem. If this measurement is over .43″ (11mm) then the stops have worn and allowed the valve to rub the piston. You can still install my clips to keep further damage from happening  but realize that for every fraction of an inch you measure over .43″ means that the bottom of the valve has been eaten by the piston that amount.

Second, as with all versions of valve, the pin slides out. The sides on my clips retain the pin in place.

Up until the design these clips there was no option except to replace all the -02 valves. Although other  manufactures that make the aftermarket arms that hold the pins they don’t incorporate a down stop needed for these valves.

The next version, ( -03) solved the problem of the valve dropping down to low but still suffered from the big problem of the pin sliding out. The WaveEater clips work on these valves also to keep the pins in place.

*** WaveEater Clips are intended for the OEM style powervlave and do not fit the aftermarket R&D Powervalves.