Yamaha GPR* WORX Intake Grate
Yamaha GPR WORX Intake Grate

Yamaha GPR WORX Intake Grate


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Yamaha GPR WORX Intake Grate #WR218

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Yamaha GPR WORX Intake Grate #WR218

*** Available by SPECIAL ORDER unless in stock ***

2001 GPR800/1200
2003+ GPR 1300

Not having a WORX intake grate on a Yamaha GP, is like having a high performance sportscar on a wet road with bald tyres, it is just not possible to get the best from these boats.
Performance benefits of our WR218 include:
– Better hook up in all conditions
– No top speed loss
– Better pump loading in rough water
– Holds the boat on the water better giving better control
– Better cornering because the Worx grate has two rails running the full length that hang down 12mm below the pump cavity which stop the boat sliding out

Dimensions: 45.4 cm × 22.3 cm × 5.5 cm

To special order please email sales@jetskijunk.co.nz