Yamaha Bilge Pump Assembly


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Yamaha Bilge Pump Assembly #F1B-U8360-02

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The most common brand of watercraft bilge pump to remove excess water in the hull. This model is 500 GPH and manual operation.


* Manual

* Submersible and ignition protected

* No burn out when run dry

* Stainless Steel Shafts

* Special gas resistant strainer base

* 12V

* 3/4″discharge

* 2.5 amp fuse required

* Amp draw  1.9 @ 12V, 2.5 @ 13.6V

* 500 gallons per hour/ 1890 litres per hour

* Meaurements:  Height 89mm, Width 61mm, Footprint 61mm round

* 3 Year Warranty


Other sizes available to order.