Yamaha 2008+ R&D Dual Washer Impeller Spacer Kit


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YAMAHA 2008+ 1.8L R&D Low Friction Dual Washer Impeller Spacer Kit 132-81111

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The R&D “Dual Washer” Impeller Spacer Kit replaces the O.E.M. single seal washer with a specifically designed and machined kit that incorporates a second low friction slip washer to be used which allows impellers to be removed with 50 percent less torque during the impeller removal process!

Tired of Impellers that are so galled up that impellers have to be machined or cut off? Tired of broken impeller tools and broken vises? Install the R&D low friction “Dual Washer” Kit and impeller removal will be super easy when making impeller changes. 

Many SVHO owners have had these issues and have had to cut up and throw away impellers and repair damaged threads.

The R&D Kit puts to end all the expensive repairs and downtime with these issues. 

The R&D “Dual Washer” Kit fits all Yamaha models both supercharged and N.A. from 2008 and up!