Mikuni Primer Kit for Dual Carburetor


Mikuni Primer Kit for Dual Carburetor #53-9928

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Can be used on dual & triple carb models.

Mikuni primer kit is one of our most popular products – helps those older jet ski’s start by getting the fuel in the right place without the need for endless winding over.  This double kit will tee up two cylinders for simultaneous priming.

Kit contains:

* Primer plunger

* 9 feet of 1/8″ hose

* x2 T fittings

* x2 Plugs

* x2 Spigots

* Cable ties


Suitable with all Mikuni carb applications.


A cure for hard-starting motors. Draws fuel from the fuel line to give the carburetor a blast of fuel for easy starting. Eliminates chokes and adds to battery life.  A must on high-performance modified carburetors with eliminated chokes. Hot Products primers are assembled with top-quality materials and include 9 feet of 1/8″blue primer hose.  Top quality plunger, brass “T”fittings, spigot, caps and cable ties.


Plungers & button bulbs available separately, in stock.


NOTE:  Photo is of single primer for illustration purposed.  Dual carb kit has duplicate fittings as listed above.