Ultimate Floating Lanyard10


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ULTIMATE Floating Lanyard #ITEM UL-2


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ULTIMATE Floating Lanyard #ITEM UL-2

Fits all Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris and Tigershark

4 Keys: The Ultimate Lanyard will operate all brands of personal watercraft and many jet boats, except digitally encoded (D.E.S.S) Sea-Doo’s. PWC brand initials are engraved on the keys

Stainless Key Ring: Great for Sea-Doo D.E.S.S devices or car and house keys

Attachment options: This is a matter of preference. Either clip onto the wrist band provided or to the D-Ring on your life jacket. If there is no D-Ring on your life jacket, clip to a belt strap on your life jacket. Do not clip onto belt loop. since it may tear.

Whistle: The whistle is pealess, an important safety feature in the marine environment. VERY LOUD! DO NOT BLOW IN SOMEONE’S EAR!