Sea-Doo SOLAS Impeller
Sea-Doo SOLAS Impeller

Sea-Doo SOLAS Impeller


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Sea-Doo SOLAS Impeller #ST-DF-13/19

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Dynafly Maximum Acceleration Our new impeller is designed to give high compression ratio pumps a stronger acceleration with less cavitation. This impeller is capable of giving your PWC an incredible boost in its performance. The SOLAS product line includes Dynafly impellers for the Kawasaki Ultra 150 pump and the Sea Doo 951 pump. SOLAS also has developed new impellers for other pumps. Please check the application chart for further details.

155.5mm Pump Diameter


2000 XP
2001 XP
2002 XP
2003 XP
2004 XP

2000 XP DI
2001 XP DI
2002 XP DI
2003 XP DI
2004 XP DI

2000 RX
2001 RX
2002 RX
2003 RX

2000 RX DI
2001 RX DI
2002 RX DI
2003 RX DI

2000 GTX
2001 GTX
2002 GTX
2003 GTX

2000 GTX DI
2001 GTX DI
2002 GTX DI
2003 GTX DI

There may be more applications than listed.


We do offer an impeller repair service if your existing impeller has been processing some stones.  Please email a clear photo of your impeller and we can reply with repair estimate.  Repairs are normally between $50-150 depending on extent of damage.