Sea-Doo 580/720 SOLAS Impeller


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Sea-Doo 580/720 SOLAS Impeller #SD-CD-14/22

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Sea-Doo 580/720 SOLAS Impeller #SD-CD-14/22


1996 GTX 140mm
1997 GTX 140mm
1998 GTX 140mm
1995 XP 140mm
1996 XP 140mm
1997 XP 140mm
1995 SPX 140mm
1996 SPX 140mm
1997 SPX 140mm
1997 GS 140mm
1998 GS 140mm
1999 GS 140mm
2000 GS 140mm
2001 GS 140mm
1997 GSI 140mm
1998 GSI 140mm
1999 GSI 140mm
2000 GSI 140mm
2001 GSI 140mm
1996 GTI 140mm
1997 GTI 140mm
1998 GTI 140mm
1999 GTI 140mm
2000 GTI 140mm
1996 GTS 140mm
1997 GTS 140mm
1998 GTS 140mm
1999 GTS 140mm
2000 GTS 140mm

With features like a large blade area and a unique geometric blade design, the SOLAS Concord Impeller delivers remarkable thrust and extraordinary efficiency. As four stroke technology becomes mainstream in the PWC world, the Concord design truly enhances the engine characteristics, not only delivering incredible acceleration but excellent top end performance. From water skiing to high speed cruising, this technologically advanced power torque design with its radial leading edge will offer everything you could ask for in an impeller.

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