Sea-Doo 951 RX DI 0.5mm Oversize Piston Kit


Sea-Doo 951 RX DI 0.5mm Oversize Piston Kit #47-111-1

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Sea-Doo 951 RX DI 0.5mm Oversize Piston Kit #47-111-1

– SBT Piston Kit’s come complete with a set of rings, clips and gudgeon pin.

– Pricing is per kit, ie. 1 piston.

– Our Standard Stock sizes in SBT Piston Kits are 0.5, 1.0.  Other sizes are available by special order (please contact us at    Standard size is very rare and not recommended, but available by special order only.


2000 Sea-Doo GTX DI Piston
2000 Sea-Doo RX DI Piston
2001 Sea-Doo GTX DI Piston
2001 Sea-Doo RX DI Piston
2002 Sea-Doo GTX DI Piston
2002 Sea-Doo LRV DI Piston
2002 Sea-Doo RX DI Piston
2003 Sea-Doo GTX DI Piston
2003 Sea-Doo LRV DI Piston
2003 Sea-Doo RX DI Piston
2003 Sea-Doo XP DI Piston
2004 Sea-Doo Sport LE DI
2004 Sea-Doo XP DI Piston
2006 Sea-Doo 3D 947 DI

** TECHNICAL TIP:  Have your cylinders bored and honed by a professional with the correct equipment.  It is standard procedure to order the correct oversize pistons required and take the pistons in to have the cylinders bored to match the piston with correct clearance.


SBT Sea-Doo jet ski pistons are high quality, high strength, cast eutectic pistons. Our “standard” pistons are comparable to others premium pistons – anodized on the top surface for better heat resistance and surface strength, graphite coated on the sides to reduce friction between the piston and cylinder and enable efficient break in. SBT is so confident in the quality of our pistons that all pistons come with a LIFETIME warranty against manufacturers defect!