Salt Away Spray Bottle


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A handy spray bottle of Salt-Away ready to spray on fishing gear or smaller items exposed to salt water which need a more accurate treatment rather than through the garden hose.


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Salt Away is a maintenance product that safely removes salt from all surfaces.  Except for salt build-up, results are immediate.  Build-up can be broken down by regular, frequent applications and leaving product in build-up area.  Corrosion inhibitors are active on inaccessible surfaces that stay wet.  Water-based Salt-Away is not a coating, and does not bond to surfaces. Safe on all surfaces, including aluminum and other metals, plastic, vinyl, waxed surfaces, paint, rubber.  Does not cause streaks or leave spots.


HOT TIP;   Use on your jetski fishing gear to keep them salt-free!


To refil this bottle; mix 95mls of concentrate (see our other listings) and water.