Salt Away 1 Ltr Concentrate
Salt Away 1 Ltr Concentrate

Salt Away 1 Ltr Concentrate


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1 litre of concentrated flush additive for flushing all jetski’s which have been used in salt water.


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Salt-Away washes the salt from your engine and exhaust internals, protects and also works on removing prior salt deposits.  Since 80 % of all jetski repairs are corrosion related, it is essential to use this product if you use your PWC in salt water.  Our NZ water has a very high salt content and is particularly harsh.


Sea-Doo owners are also advised to use this product, even though the modern ski’s run a closed-loop internal cooling system to keep salt water out of the engine, the salt water does still run through the pipework and can cause rot over time.

To purchase the flushing mixer follow the link below.


HOT TIP:   Always read your instruction manual prior to flushing your jetski.  The most important rule for jetski’s only is to always have the ski RUNNING BEFORE THE WATER. 



* Biodegradable product

* 1 litre will last the average user 1 year

* Can also be used to rinse trailers and fishing gear