RailBlaza Miniport Tracmount


RailBlaza Miniport Tracmount #03-4108-11

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RailBlaza Miniport Tracmount #03-4108-11


Rigging your craft with RAILBLAZA accessories just got a whole lot quicker and more versatile with the MiniPort TracMount. No tools required, The MiniPort TracMount is designed to fit most existing tracks, including YakAttack, Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft and Yak Gear.

Completely tool-less operation which is easily fitted and adjusted simply by turning the MiniPort which tightens directly in the track using our TracNut. Re-positioning in the track is as simple as turning to release the tension.

PLEASE NOTE: Designed for use in light duty applications. If using for trolling with RodHolder it must be used on the right hand (starboard) side, so that the MiniPort tightens when load comes on from a strike. If using on left hand (port) side the MiniPort will loosen when load comes on fishing rod).

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