Kawasaki Ultra Exhaust Plate Kit


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Kawasaki Ultra Exhaust Plate Kit #331-35300

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Kawasaki Ultra Exhaust Plate Kit #331-35300

R & D Ultra 300/310 Performance Exhaust Plate

The R&D Performance Exhaust Plate replaces the restrictive OEM exhaust honeycomb filter that Kawasaki recommends inspecting or replacing every 25 hours. The R&D Exhaust Plate eliminates excessive exhaust heat and flow restriction produced by the OEM exhaust filter. Improved exhaust flow decreases back pressure, and heat and increase performance. The Exhaust Plate also features small water ports that decrease water flow to the water box, which eliminates hard starting conditions from wet spark plugs. The R&D Exhaust upgrade never needs to be inspected or replaced. Kit comes complete with gaskets to install.