Kawasaki Idle Turner Kit


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Kawasaki Idle Turner Kit #GF-IDL-01


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The Idle tuner kit is a simple bolt on parts kit that works to remove the O.E.M air idle control stepper motor from the throttle body, and replace it with a fully adjustable, all billet needle valve assembly. This Kit allows precision idle air volume adjustments to be made and securely locked down when higher lift, larger duration camshaft kits are used/installed, along with tigher (LSA) Lobe Separation Angle packages. As camshaft lifts/durations, and agressive LSA adjustments are made, engine vacuum drops or lowers, and engine idle become more difficult or almost impossible to stabilize or control, specially with the OEM vacuum referenced AIG Motor. The OEM AIC is calibrated to concentrate to a much higher vacuum, therefore agressive RPM hunting and engine stalling occurs when big cam are installed. This big cam idle turner will work to allow a perfect engine speed Idle with any camshaft kit.


Fits all Kawasaki STX-12F/STX-15F/Ultra LX/Ultra 250x/ 1500 SX-R/ all years.