Jockey Wheel – Solid Tyre


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Large jockey wheel which fits into the jocket wheel bracket located on most jetski trailers.  This is the difference between having your jetski ‘mobile’ around the garage or yard when not hooked to your car.

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When you jetski is correctly positioned on the trailer (at correct balance point) the trailer should be almost weightless to lift of the car and the jockey wheel is inserted into the mounting hole, allowing the trailer to be monouvered easily around the garage.

When taking the jetski out, move the trailer up to the back of the car, remove the lynch pin on the top of the jockey wheel, lift the trailer onto the tow bar and the jockey wheel naturally falls out of the holding bracket and can then be inserted UPSIDE DOWN in the bracket for travel, secured by the lynch pin.

Often this jockey wheel system is the easier, prefered method over fixed, wind up wheels which are slower to use.


Large tyre:  300×4

Galvanised frame.

Weight capacity of 180kgs.

Fits into the slot found on 90% of all jetski trailers.  (Bracket/slot can be purchased separately and added to your trailer).


HOT TIP:  When taking your jetski into your local boat shop or jetski agent – take your jockey wheel!!  It will make their life that much nicer when moving your jetski around the workshop.