Bilge Sponge


This Bilge Sponge is a special tool in the maintenance kit – it has the ability to suck up a monsterous amount of water to help keep you hull dry and therefor preventing condensation and corrosion problems.

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With most PWC’s a considerable amount of water sits in the bottom of the hull which is unable to reach the drainage bungs.  This water slowly transports itself around the engine bay in the form of condensation and is responsible for a lot of off season corrosion.


A bilge sponge should be a part of your after-ride procedure and will help keep the hull clean and dry.  With a clean hull, you will also be able to spot any oil leaks or broken hose clamps easily which may save you from a disaster on the water.



* Drip free

* Absorbs 15 times it’s weight in water

* Fast Drying

* Washable and durable