Jet Pilot Deluxe Tow Rope Combo


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Jet Pilot Deluxe Tow Rope Combo #JA2998

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Jet Pilot Deluxe Tow Rope Combo #JA2998

  • Built specifically for Tow Surfing and Wakeboarding with use of watercraft
  • Traction Powergrip Handle with Suade Grip prevents handle slip and tired hands
  • JP custom 12-inch wide handle is smaller than a wake style handle, minimizing potential hand and foot and head entrapment.
  • 10 feet of High Flotation rope, built with features to avoid PWC intake obstruction and wear on contact points
  • The ropes special weave eliminates coiling and tangling
  • 35 feet in total length of hollow core polyproylene, non-water absorbing rope with JP 8 inch float.
  • The rope is extremly buoyant, thick and easy to grab and highly visible.