Emergency Hose Pincher Kit


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These small hose pinchers are extremely useful if you break down and require a tow back to shore - without pinching the main water in-line/s you will back fill your engine with water if you go over 5 knots.

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Oxipay Here II

Two small hose pincher (less than 7cm long) which tuck safely in your emergency onboard stash.


HOT TIP:  Keep the hose pinchers in the plastic bag and put them safely away onboard (within reach).  Identify which hose or hoses require pinching before you go out so if you have to ask us which one it is we can help.  Some models are labelled with a strip of red tape.

*In the event that you do end up with water in the engine, it is critical to contact your local PWC mechanic and get the water drained and the motor running - anything more than a few hours will cause engine damage and major repairs will be required.  If you do not have an immediately local mechanic contact Ski MD for emergency advice www.skimd.co.nz using the after hours emergency number.