Emergency Water Shut Off Tap 1/2in - for most models


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Essential emergency equipment.  Jetskijunk's Emergency Water Shut Off!   "DONT TOW YOUR JETSKI WITHOUT ONE"


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Oxipay Here II

Emergency Water Shut Off Tap 1/2 inch


Most 2 stroke models & Yamaha 4 stroke.  If in doubt please send an enquiry to sales@jetskijunk.co.nz 

Kit includes:

SS Hose clamps


Sealing tape


In the case of having to tow your jetski, it is essential to block off the main water cooling line to the engine.

Jetskijunk's water tap is easy to install and we can answer any queries if you get stuck.

A 5 minute install may save a bunch of grief.

$ 39.99
Essential emergency equipment for any off-shore traveller to get you out of a trickey spot if you suddenly...