Sea-Doo Lanyard DESS Post ( 4 wire )


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Sea Doo 4 wire Dess Post.  Multiple part numbers for the same part.  Check number of wires in your original.


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$ 229.95

Oxipay Here II

Sea Doo 4 wire DESS post which is the post the security key clips on during riding of the craft.

They come in two types, three and four wire so confirm which you have before purchase.

The post can be fitted easily and the key does not need reprogramming once done.


$ 129.95
The original OEM Sea-Doo key which requires programming to your PWC by a service agent with appropriate...
$ 79.95
Sea-Doo DESS Key Lanyard - Yellow #A7473DSC
$ 149.95
CPI waterproof switch to suit Sea-Doo and other manufacturers.
$ 229.95
Sea Doo 3 wire Dess Post;  multiple part numbers.