Mikuni Primer Kit for Single Carburetor


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Mikuni Primer Kit for Single Carburetor #53-9920

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$ 64.95

Can be used on dual & triple carb models - priming one carb will still improve starting.

Mikuni primer kit is one of our most popular products - helps those older jet ski's start by getting the fuel in the right place without the need for endless winding over.

Kit contains:

* Primer plunger

* 9 feet of 1/8" hose

* T fitting

* Plug

* Spigot

* Cable ties


Suitable with all Mikuni carb applications.


A cure for hard-starting motors. Draws fuel from the fuel line to give the carburetor a blast of fuel for easy starting. Eliminates chokes and adds to battery life.  A must on high-performance modified carburetors with eliminated chokes. Hot Products primers are assembled with top-quality materials and include 9 feet of 1/8"blue primer hose.  Top quality plunger, brass "T"fittings, spigot, caps and cable ties.

$ 37.95
Aftermarket primer plunger unit replacement.
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