Jetski Motobatt Battery **1 YEAR WARRANTY**


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Jetski Motobatt Battery #MBTX20U

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Jetski Motobatt Battery **1 YEAR WARRANTY** #MBTX20U

The latest in battery technology - an AGM battery with a 1 year warranty*.  Ideal for most models (see fitment list or ask in the question on the live chat.  Customer Card price $142.45


* All Yamaha PWC

* Most Kawasaki except some ZXI/STX models (please enquire)

* All Sea-Doo 2 stoke PWC (4 stroke take a different model)

* Most Honda PWC

* Most Polaris



*  1 year warranty***

* AGM technology - it's charged and ready to go from new.  Install and use.

* 20% higher cranking - you will notice more grunt turning the engine over - great for hard starting Yamahas

* No messy liquid acid to spill or levels to monitor - maintenance free

*  Slower dis-charge - helps when you forget about your ski over winter

* Dual positive & negative terminals for perfect fitment and ideal for extra 12V  'accessories' (jetski fishing).


* 21 AH
* 20% Higher cranking than a standard lead acid battery
* 280 CCA


* 4 different sizes are catered for with the optional 'spacer' plates which are included.  The 4 sizes are;
86 x 172 x 155
86 x 172 x 175
100 x 172 x 155
100 x 172 x 175


NOTE:  These new technology batteries do require a smart charger for top up charging once a month if the jetski is not in use.


*** Warranty Notes:

* Battery must be charged once a month when not in use.

* Electrical problems which draw excessive current from the battery will damage the battery and not be covered by warranty.

* The battery must be in reasonable physical condition apon return.  Obvious damage to the external battery case indicating excessive movement or vibration in the jetski may void warranty.

* In the event of a warranty claim, the battery must be returned to us for testing.

* Please retain your receipt for 1 year.


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