Jet Pilot F-18 Flight Top

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The Jet Pilot F-18 Flight Jacket is a thick neoprene with a soft lining.  It cuts both the wind chill and UV rays so you can ride for longer.  The skin hugging design means it feels comfortable without any bulk.  Perfect for cold days.

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* 1mm Flex-Lite Neoprene

* Unmatched stretch for comfort & flattering fit

* 1/4 side entry zip for easy entry/exit

* Cuts wind chill to maintain good, stable body temps, allowing less fatigue and longer rides

* Cuts UV rays to stop the burn

* Mat black core with slick sides to appear most flattering for all body shapes

* One-off design and graphics won't be repeated.


Sizing guidelines:

Small sizing - designed for very lean figures.  Allow +1 size UP from your normal shirt size in most cases..

Sizes S - 2XL

Stock is limited to once off annual supply - first in, first served!