Yamaha Jettribe GPR Cover


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One of Jettribe's fitted covers which look good and claim to be better than OEM.  Suits the Yamaha GP-R models.

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$ 395.00

Oxipay Here II


Suitable for the Yamaha;

GP1200R  2000-2002

GP1300R  2003-2008

GP800R  2001-2005

If in doubt - drop us a question on the chat screen!


Jettribe has developed a diverse range of custom watercraft covers to suit almost every model. The comprehensive range includes all Seadoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda models ranging from early 90’s to the current beasts on the market.  Jettribe claim to have the best cover on the market - and better than OEM (factory covers) at a better price.



* Four 1.5" webbing detachable tie downs

* Shock cord bungee all around the bottom leading edge

* For weather resistance, materials are specially UV coated with the exclusive (CFM) material that is formulated only for Jettribe

* For water resistance the material is coated with clear three layers of PU backing to keep out the water.

* All our seams are triple stitched and finished off with a binding. No exposed seams!

* The inside hood area is lined with soft Nynex material to protect your PWC's from getting scratched paint

* All pin or eye bow areas are reinforced with a tough an extra layer Nylon material

* When fuelling up, most covers have a gas flap opening



* Always allow your jet ski to thoroughly dry out and cool down after each ride by leaving the seats off and emptying as much residue water from the bottom of the hull as possible. (See accessories).

* Never leave the cover folded up when wet - lay flat to dry out before putting it away.


Note:  Yes it is a Sea-Doo in the photo - we are yet to find a suitable volunteer model to shoot a new pic!

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