Riding Gear 

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Life Vests

A range of Men's, Women's and Children's Life Vests.

Protective Gear
A range of gear for extreme riding!
T-Shirts, Caps, Board Shorts and more...
Jackets & Pants

Assorted Jackets and Pants for Men and Women.

Wet Suits
Traditional riding gear for racing, pole ski riding and short serious rides.
Foot Wear
Shoes & Boots specifically designed for jet ski riding.
Add grip, control, warmth and protection with a pair of gloves.
Eye Wear

A range of specialty eye wear to maximise vision and minimise loss of expensive sunnies!

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2018 Jet Pilot X1 2mm Mens Tour Coat #JA8143
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$ 229.95
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2018 Jet Pilot Allure 2mm Ladies Tour Coat #JA8150
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$ 359.95
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2018 Jet Pilot Elite 2mm Ladies Jane and Jacket #JA8108S
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$ 499.95
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2018 Jet Pilot Matrix Pro Race Suit and Vest #JA1840
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